Punks in Vegas

10 Minutes of Baby Sinclair and AC Slater Saying “Mama”

JFA, The Faction and more announced for “Skate Punk Reunion Volume One” May 24 in Downtown Las Vegas

Images: The Peccadilloes, Unfair Fight, Sounds of Threat, Surrounded by Thieves, Bobby Meader January, 24 2014 at The Double Down Saloon

Over the past few years, Vegas-based SquidHat Records has collected an impressive roster of local punk rock talent. And in addition to helping out their own bands, they’ve made a positive impact by promoting non-SquidHat acts and organizing local showcases. So I was excited to support the label and see some of my favorite locals at the first day of their second anniversary festival, featuring The Peccadilloes, Unfair Fight, Sounds of Threat, Surrounded by Thieves and Bobby Meader Music. …

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Images: Yellowcard, What’s Eating Gilbert January 19, 2014 at Vinyl Las Vegas

It’s hard to imagine now that playing pop punk could turn you into a massive commercial success. But back in 2003, with Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy blaring from everyone’s radio, pop punk was big business. It was an era when bands like Saves the Day were filling up the House of Blues and New Found Glory could sell out the Thomas & Mack. It was a good time to be a pop punk band, and it was that was the year that Yellowcard, after years of relentlessly touring, caught fire with Ocean Avenue, a slice of summery fun that seemed to only exist in that time and place. …

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